More About Christel


Christel has dedicated her life to educating children and managing schools since 1995.

Her professional teaching experience has allowed her to absorb a tremendous amount regarding modern educational theory for young learners.
Her nurturing spirit combined with an aptitude for teaching and the ability to communicate well with staff and parents, including her ‘can-do attitude’ makes her the perfectly skilled to manage this day care facility.

Responsibility and accountability are her biggest traits and she is familiar with all the required regulations pertaining to child care centres.

Christel will provide leadership in the development and implementation of the day care centre program and ensure the safety and supervision of all the children. She seeks to promote the professional growth and development of her staff, as well as facilitate teamwork co-operation.

Christel’s creativity, patience and hands-on approach will cultivate a supporting learning environment and reinforce the school’s standards, policies and goals. We are truly privileged to have Christel – the phenomenal, inspirational, go-getter as the leader of our daycare facility.