More Aout Ellenice

Ellenice has the burning desire to make a real difference in the lives of young children.

Her kind, gentle and compassionate approach towards the learners makes it easy for them to interact and open up to her. During the 7 years of teaching Ellenice has acquired effective skills to work with young children and to communicate with them at their level.

Her class environment is always warm and welcoming and ensures that her lessons provides enough stimulation to keep learners creatively involved. Ellenice has a strong work ethic and produces a high quality of work constantly.

She is self –disciplined and radiates her Christian principles in everything she does. She is a perfect role model and strives to unlock every child’s door to learning and overcoming any obstacle a child may have.
Ellenice being the natural born leader she is will instill the fundamental, life-long values your little one needs.

Just grab hold of you heart and watch how your child blossoms and grows!