More About MyMoena


Mymoena prides herself on passion and commitment to educate young learners and prepare them for the Foundation phase of their schooling careers.

She believes in creating a happy, safe and stimulating environment for the learners to flourish in and each of them to reach their full potential. Mymoena has an extensive teaching career of 25 years and has taught at many different pre-schools. She can provide children with a rich, varied, spontaneous learning experience, which keeps them actively engaged.


She has a proven track record for contributing to a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care of children between the ages of 0 – 6 years old. She gives children the necessary freedom to explore and develop a sense of adventure.

Mymoena instills confidence in each and every life she impacts. Confidence will unlock any door for them and allow them to dream big and succeed in achieving their future goals.

Your little one’s world is their oyster, after been taught by someone as competent and patient as Mymoena and they will surely have gained wings to fly!