More About Shannon

Shannon is a young, ambitious lady who enjoys to see progress and is a hardworking, dedicated person. She looks after the young learners with due care, skill and ability and has a track record of having a positive impact on the lives of the young learners. She is a fun, loving, happy person who creates a warm, safe and secure environment for children to develop and learn in.

She interacts with children through active play and is always there for their physical and mental needs. Shannon loves helping kids to discover something new every day by encouraging them to explore. She has a collaborative work approach, so is the ultimate team player and has a positive outlook on life.

She possesses an understanding of how to identify and meet the needs of the little ones. She is very hands-on and provides intensive support to the educators and learners. She supervises the activities of the young children and ensures that the babies and toddlers are nurtured and given the extra attention.

Shannon is an experienced Child Caregiver with 6 years of experience. Her skills and competencies are well grounded by her Early Childhood Development qualifications, which makes her a perfect assistant educator to empower little hearts and minds.